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Dear Event Planner,

You've been wondering how to make zoom events engaging, interactive, and exciting for your group. Anthem and Aria, The Psychic Soulmates, have the solution.

Interactive, Fun, and Amazing, the Virtual Mind Reading show is designed from the ground up with virtual audiences in mind! 

Not only will Anthem and Aria entertain your group by reading their minds and influencing their thoughts, but they will look into the past, present, and future with palm and tarot readings. This is always a huge hit at parties, colleges, and corporate events.

The show happens in a Private Zoom Call so that only your group can see the show. They are able to chat and talk to Anthem and Aria as they interact with the show from the comfort of their own home!

The Virtual Magic Show reminds your attendees that separation is an illusion, and our connection to each other is real and as strong as ever. Together, we will prevail!


Contact Anthem and Aria today to learn more!

Check Out Our Socially Distant Show!


Make Sure you download ZOOM so you can interact with us during the show! It will automatically download when you try to join the show, but you don't want to miss the beginning so download it in advance!

The show is interactive and we will at times want to bring your camera on screen so that we can work together to make the magic happen! Make sure your camera is on and that you have good lighting!



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