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musical and magical journey into the impossible

The Perfect Way To Round Out Your Season and Draw NeW Patrons! 

Magician for Fundraisers and Benefits
Denver Mentalist for Association Meeting

Anthem and Aria have been entertaining audiences worldwide with their unique blend of music, magic, and mind reading. Now it's time to bring this Award winning show to your theatre!

Featuring never before seen illusions, beloved songs from musical theatre and film, and a love story about the uncanny connections between us all, this is the perfect show for venues looking to draw in new patrons and to round out their season!

Anthem and Aria will work one on one with you to market and promote the show. With proven techniques they've used to produce a 2 year long run in Denver, CO at Syntax Physic Opera, they know how to draw in a crowd! Their show is easy to tech and load in but still packs a huge punch!

Give your patrons the gift of magic, contact Anthem and Aria today!

How Do They Do That?

Anthem and Aria's greatest trick is filling auditoriums, spreading the word, and doing it all while fitting into an effective budget. How?

*Anthem and Aria use Guerilla marketing techniques on social media and more to create awareness! 

*They give away a free show to a school in your community to bring in young audiences and to create a buzz in the community.

*Anthem and Aria supply value to sponsors to make funding the show a breeze!

The feedback from the 400 attendees has been over the top.

People loved your performance

Jerry Gallegos - Bemer USA

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