A Touch Of New Orleans Magic

They Will Always Remember

Entertaining | Inspiring | Empowering


So, You're Throwing A Mardi Gras Party.

If you want this to be a memorable and exciting event you need to invoke the vibe and energy of the French Quarter. 

Swinging Jazz and bourbon certainly help, but to capture the mysterious and storied history of New Orleans you need a Psychic Entertainer!

Anthem and Aria are Denver's foremost experts on entertaining, enlightening, and ice-breaking readings. No doom or gloom, only impossible insight and illuminating inspiration brought on by infallible intuition.

Your guests will thank you for breaking the ice, building camaraderie, creating a safe space, and giving them a once in a lifetime experience!

Contact Anthem and Aria today to check their availability and book your free event consultation.

Benefits Of A&A

As a team of 2, Anthem and Aria can serve a larger party or event with walk around readings or a readings station. This also lets your guests use their own intuition to pick the reader they feel most comfortable with.

No Doom and Gloom Prophesy Policy

There are some psychics who's ego is more important to them than the success of your event. We promise that our predictions will always be positive and set the tone for a good time and a good year. 

Not Just Readings

For larger events, Anthem and Aria also provide Stage Style shows and a Live Jazz Band! Contact Us For More Info!






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