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Drive Attendance

with a show that has 

Something For Everybody

Entertaining | Inspiring | Empowering


Whether you are planning for a family day, a finals "De-Stresser", a Welcome Back event, Orientation, or a holiday event... you need stunning entertainment. Something powerful, funny, and memorable!

Now your activity board can impress with customized and empowering entertainment for your next campus event!

Anthem and Aria strive to bring top tier entertainment to schools nationwide that unlocks the inner magic within your students, is clean and suitable for all ages, and has something for everyone. Promising Magic, Music, and Mind Reading, your students will pile in to experience this one of a kind show.

Driving attendance is easy with Anthem and Aria. Besides helping you to create social media buzz, Anthem and Aria will do teasers on campus before the show to raise awareness. Got a student radio station? Anthem and Aria can go on the air and blow away your Radio host! We even have a template for our poster that you can fill out with info!


So create a buzz and blow your everyone on campus away! Check Anthem and Aria's availability now!

Socially Distant Show

2020 PROMO

Family Days, Orientation, Or Finals
Amazing Magic For Your Campus

VIP Treatment

Your event needs an entertaining presenter that supplies these three things…

Value: Not just cheap laughs at your attendee's expense, but Empower-Tainment that makes them the star! 

Impact: Emotional impact on Students or energetic impact on the event.

Profit: Up your students grades by giving the attendees a new perspective and by teaching them the hidden tools of the mind.


What other presenter or entertainer can offer that?

Power Words 

Mastering the Words Of Influence

Magic Words may be associated with fiction and fantasy, but what if there were real magic words that could influence the

people around you? 

Anthem and Aria are experts of linguistic deception, Hypnosis,

and covert persuasion. They use these techniques not only to amaze audiences worldwide, but in everyday life and business. In 60 minutes, Anthem and Aria teach a simple 10 word system that gives your students the power of "Magic Words".

waving vr.jpg

Interactive Virtual Show

Anthem and Aria have created the perfect interactive experience for your online event, The Virtual Magic Show!

Interactive, Fun, and Amazing, this show is not just another magic show, but a show designed from the ground up with virtual audiences in mind! 

The Virtual Magic Show reminds your attendees that separation is an illusion, and our connection to each other is real and as strong as ever. Together, we will prevail!

Interactive Mind-reading Show

Looking for entertainment that empowers students, entertains the ones who have "seen everything", and gets everybody laughing?

Anthem and Aria's inspiring mind reading show is an amazing and interactive look into the power of the mind!

Perfect for family days and other campus events. This show has something for everyone!

Thank you so much for an amazing show! Lancer Productions

loved having you and Longwood University had an amazing time!

-Lancer Productions - Longwood University





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