The Psychic Soulmates

Mysterious and Meaningful

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To Make Your Event Really Magical...

You Need Real Magic!

Wondering how to take your next event or meeting to the next level? How to get entertainment that doesn’t water down your core message, but enhances it? 


Anthem And Aria have a few tricks up their sleeves that will make your guests say, “WOW!”


Anthem and Aria are Psychological Illusionists who reveal the tricks our minds play on us and remind audiences nationwide of the power we have to create our own story.


Your event will have the perfect entertainment. An inspiring story combined with customized presentations will blow everyone away and add a polished feel to your event.


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The feedback from the 400 attendees has been over the top.

People loved your performance

Jerry Gallegos - Bemer USA



If your entertainment doesn't feature your message for the event, then it is just watering it down! We feature your brand, products, and messages in the show! Our presentations celebrate the success of your team and remind them of their own special powers!

Perfect for opening sessions and kickoffs, Galas and award ceremonies, and any event where you need to break the ice and build excitement!


Imagine if you had the perfect holiday party...

*It set the tone for the year.

*It broke the ice and built camaraderie.

*The group felt appreciated and celebrated... And They Thanked You For It.

We can make these results appear like magic!

Your Boss Will Thank you!


2 Amazing Entertainers that are easy to work with, bring a show that has something for everyone, and fit in your budget. Not to mention they help promote the event?

No, you're not dreaming. Go ahead and pinch yourself.

Anthem and Aria bring a hip, exciting, and interactive show that will inspire and amaze!

Virtual Shows

We find ourselves in strange times. You may have had to cancel one or more events and now you are looking at hosting events online. But how do you make online events interactive and exciting?

Luckily, Anthem and Aria have created the perfect interactive experience for your online event, The Virtual Magic Show!

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 Previous Clients

Impress everyone at your next event
Comedy Mentalist for Colleges, Trade Shows, and Corporate Events
Mentalist for colleges and universities
The #1 College magician
Comedy Magician Denver

And Many More!


Our Message

Hacking The Mind For Happiness

It’s easy to reprogram the mind through our Thoughts, Words, and Actions. Our mind is in control of our experience of reality and if we can train our brain then our reality becomes our choice.


We know right now all signs are pointing to how disconnected we all are, but maybe we read the signs wrong! Our show proves just how connected we all are to each other, the universe, and everything we need to live, thrive, and be happy.



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